How do you use it?

Peel It.

Fillit Pocket comes with a convenient reusable pouch and tray for storage while not in use.

Stick It.

Sticks to any sealed flat surface. Laptops, towers, tablets and virtually any other surface.

Fill It.

Holds hard drives, jump drives, cables, mice and some chargers. How will you fillit?


Dual Flaps with Elastic Reinforcement

Fillit Pocket's dual flap design with invisible elastic reinforcements provides a superior holding strength for your valuable essentials.

Stylus Loop

The stylus loop keeps your stylus or pen easily available and right where you need it. You can also hook on a carabiner and get wild!

Ultra-Thin & Super Stretchy

Super low-profile, the Fillit Pocket V2 is ultra-thin (0.1"/2.5mm) and super stretchy, holding items up to an inch thick!